Scientific Program

Conference Series Ltd invites all the participants across the globe to attend 7th International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs and IPR Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Day 1 :

Keynote Forum

Michael Drues

Vascular Sciences, USA

Keynote: Conducting effective FDA pre-sub meetings: Tell don’t ask… lead don’t follow!

Time : 10:50-11:10

Conference Series Regulatory Affairs 2017 International Conference Keynote Speaker Michael Drues photo


For medical device companies, ineffective communication with FDA often leads to time-consuming and costly delays.
Manufacturers may assume a classification or regulatory pathway for a new device – only to learn later that FDA disagrees.
Unfortunately, most of these delays are completely avoidable! The ‘pre-sub’ program – an expansion of the pre-IDE program– allows manufacturers to request meetings regarding devices currently under development and/or regulatory review. Although CDRH issued guidance on the pre-sub program in 2014, many companies do not use this program effectively, and some don’t use it at all for fear their regulatory burden will be increased rather than reduced. When used effectively, pre-subs can offer significant advantages to the manufacturer by getting their device to market sooner. But if not used properly, pre-subs can add tremendous burden by increasing time to market. This presentation will use the case study approach to present the pre-sub process in an interactive fashion including:
When should the pre-sub program be used and when should it not be? How does the process work and what can the manufacturer expect?
When is it better to meet formally or informally? Should you meet in person or via teleconference?
What info should be provided in advance and what should be provided at the meeting?
What happens after the meeting? How should the manufacturer follow-up? Are the results binding?
Are there other ways to communicate with FDA beyond pre-subs and when should they be used?
In this presentation, participants will learn best practices to avoid timely and costly mistakes and creative ways to use the presub
program to their advantage! For additional information, check out: How to Make the Most of Your Pre-Sub Interactions

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